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Nokia scores Patent lawsuit win prohibiting sales of OPPO smartphones in Germany

Nokia has scored two consecutive wins over OPPO in its ongoing Patent lawsuit in Germany. The latest win for Nokia has forced OPPO to stop selling its smartphones in Germany. Coming to details, Mannheim Regional...

Nokia sues OPPO in multiple markets over patent infringement

Nokia has decided to filed patent infringement complaints against OPPO in multiple markets across Europe and Asia. The report informs that Nokia has invoked both SEP and non-SEP patents (related to connectivity, user interface,...

Oppo becomes a Nokia patent licensee for a multi-year period

OPPO has become the latest in the the long list of Smartphone manufacturers to pay royalties Nokia for its patent might. Nokia has today announced this new patent deal with OPPO in a press release. Espoo,...

2K resolution displays are here. Should MS / Nokia play along?

2K resolution displays are here and Oppo has made the first ever smartphone Find 7 with a 5.5 inch 2K res display official. That accounts for a crazy 538 PPI pixel density. As it always...

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