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Nokia has released a new app called “Motion Monitor” exclusively for Lumia 1520 and it is in Beta as of now. If you own a Lumia 1520 then you can download and install it from the WP store by following the download link at bottom of the article. Seems, Lumia 1520 has some extra hardware (motion processor) which is required for this application. Rings some bells!! Apple’s iPhone 5S benefits from similar motion processor.


Nokia motion monitor beta tracks your physical activity based on your motion and steps. Your activity intensity is primarily shown on a timeline where your daily details are visible including step count. The events view gives you insights into your behavior over longer periods while the week and month views will help you to discover patterns yourself. The more you keep your phone with you, the better the data will be.

  • Enjoy updates on your lock screen as well as on a live tile
  • Tracking is done continuously in the background, consuming very little power
  • See your data on a timeline by day, week or month
  • Get insights and summaries of your activity in the Events view

Download link

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