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Nokia ranked as the top telecom software provider


As per the latest findings from the analysis firm Analysis Mason, Nokia is significantly improving the software experience for the telecom sector globally.

Analysis Mason says that over the past few years Nokia has reoriented it’s software products to a Common Software Foundation (CSF), cloud-native, multi-network, multi-vendor, 5G-ready, and optimized for the leading public cloud platforms. With this new implementation of CSF, Nokia’s software products become easier to deploy, integrate, service, upgrade, and also easier for Nokia to deliver newer updates to firms.

Dana Cooperson, research director, Analysys Mason, said,“Nokia’s performance was notably strong in high-growth areas such as network orchestration and automation, which are a big challenge for CSPs moving into the 5G era and where it has a wide range of products and professional service capabilities to help its customers make the NFV/SDN leap. Nokia’s investment in its Common Software Foundation and its cloud-native product portfolio should help it further strengthen its market position in 2019 and beyond.”

Bhaskar Gorti, president of Nokia Software, commented,
“The move to 5G is going to be driven by cloud-native software and technologies compared to prior generations. The demands of digital services, 5G and industrial automation cannot be met by just modifying old applications – rather they must be rewritten for the cloud from the ground up. This is why our approach to building modern applications on top of our cloud-native Common Software Foundation is resonating in the market.”

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