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Nokia planning many consumer devices. May actively seek acquisitions for its new products

New Nokia

A bit of info about what new Nokia and especially the Nokia Technologies is planning to pursue in future. There will be lots to cheer for Nokia fans, as Nokia is looking forward to multiple consumer physical devices and digital (software) services. Nokia is pursuing especially those business areas where it thinks its brand has some recognition. Though there will be technology licensing to other consumer devices manufacturers as well.

What also is interesting is that Nokia will be looking to acquire smaller companies for some of its new businesses / ventures. Each new devices / software business will be like a new business venture with Nokia providing the funding, a model Nokia has used for its NGP business for financing external business ventures.

One of the good example of such products is recently launched Z Launcher, which has been received very well by Android users and it will soon be followed up with a business model for monetization. Our sources hint that smart wearables like SmartWatch / SmartBand and Smart Glass are some of the products Nokia Technologies may be planning to bring to market.

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  • Ryan

    Nokia in there last conference, showed off what seemed to be a router, that also boosts cell phone signal as well. That would be something I’d seriously consider buying, I’m tired of the no bars/1bar in my home. Not 100% sure that’s what it was, Suri said it had the potential to disrupt the market.

    It was in that last conference video you posted. Around the 12 minute mark

    That said, I think Nokia has a lot in the pipeline, also it seems as if they were held back a little by either d&s or just lack of money(to get a product out there). Can’t wait to see what they come out with. Ya theyre going to have competition in any market they choose. But nokia is known for quality, and now they actually have money to get a product on shelves everywhere

  • JLIT99

    Hoping for the best!

    Although, releasing a wearable platform will be very tough, seeing that Google’s Android Wear already has released devices, and MS and Apple are about to enter the game.

    • Kamal

      But then, which business is without competition and Z Launcher got its share of attention after being the nth Android Launcher 🙂

      • JLIT99

        That’s definitely true.

        It would be great to see what Nokia is planning. Android Wear is already a pretty impressive platform, if Nokia can challenge it, then it would be interesting to see 🙂

  • Bypasser