New Nokia

A bit of info about what new Nokia and especially the Nokia Technologies is planning to pursue in future. There will be lots to cheer for Nokia fans, as Nokia is looking forward to multiple consumer physical devices and digital (software) services. Nokia is pursuing especially those business areas where it thinks its brand has some recognition. Though there will be technology licensing to other consumer devices manufacturers as well.

What also is interesting is that Nokia will be looking to acquire smaller companies for some of its new businesses / ventures. Each new devices / software business will be like a new business venture with Nokia providing the funding, a model Nokia has used for its NGP business for financing external business ventures.

One of the good example of such products is recently launched Z Launcher, which has been received very well by Android users and it will soon be followed up with a business model for monetization. Our sources hint that smart wearables like SmartWatch / SmartBand and Smart Glass are some of the products Nokia Technologies may be planning to bring to market.