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We reported about possibility of low cost RM-980 to be Nokia Normandy (as shown in above image) with 4-inch display and dual-sim support. We also shared a tip for our trusted tipster, which says that the “Project N” team working on a Android UI will stay back and merge with Nokia’s emerging devices team (CTO projects) post Nokia-MS deal closure.

evleaks helps now in putting pieces of puzzle together and make it perfect sense. According to them the NPhone, one of the products of Project N is none other than “Nokia Normandy” and this looks quite possible now. Normandy name itself suggests some kind of “start of secret mission” and the first letter is “N” again. Also seems, Asha platform is not capable to support higher resolution for displays bigger than 3-inch, as seen on Asha 5XX series.

Seems, Nokia have tried Android as low-cost replacement of Asha platform, which will also allow it to have dual-sim support, better display resolution and ability to run many new apps. As per our sources Nokia will not use any of Google’s services ala Amazon.

So, there it is. NPhone aka Nokia Normandy with 4-inch display, dual-sim support, running Android ( Project N version) and RM-980 product code under testing in India.

What is fate of this device and the Project N OS? Project N team staying back with Nokia, opens up a plethora of possibilities as mentioned by me earlier and the OS idea and work lives on. But, fact remains that Project N was one of the reasons MS has to act fact and strike a deal with Nokia to buy its D&S division. Nokia BOD had lost their faith in “Lumia turnaround story” (unfortunately). So, why will MS allow enemy OS to prosper under its nose?

Nokia has already put the Nokia Normandy on release path so it may get released yet, but what happens when MS take reins will be really interesting to watch.