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Leaky clouds burst last night and it rained news Ashas. One of them as per evleaks is Nokia Normandy which they earlier put as the missing link. It is easy to understand that why it is the missing link between “Lumia and Asha”. It looks like an Asha with full Lumia intentions. Bigger display, Lumiaesque design makes you mistake it for a Lumia at first glance but then the capacitive back button makes things clear. This is certainly answer to prayers of many who wanted to see Asha with bigger display and to me it looks like a 4-inch display.

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The second leaked Asha is more on the lines of released Asha 500 family. Still, it has slightly different design and home button looks different too. It has a certain Indian connection to it with “Priyanka Chopra” name. Is it a special edition Asha device? Time will tell.

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