Since we only have “Over 1000 quality improvements including Mail, Facebook, Twitter, minor network & connectivity improvements” as the official changelog,  we have to rely upon many sources to dig out what all has changed with PR1.3. The is having details of only PR1.2 and not PR1.3 .

But if you see the above screenshot it seems Dropbox’s direct access is now out of box on N9 with “Dropian”.

Also, folks over the “Maemo forum” have created a thread to consolidate all reported changes by device owners. The changelog list is extensive and may change later. But it seems the PR1.3 makes the N9 very smooth and apps are reportedly opening faster. See the full changelog below.

Official Nokia changelog:

  • Over 1000 quality improvements including Mail, Facebook, Twitter, minor network & connectivity improvements. Version 40.2012-21.3 (Official changelog)
  • Twitter (1.3.50+0m8)
  • Nokia Store (3.24.010+0m8)
  • Nokia Music (0.4.5-1+0m8)
  • Nokia Link (0.1.2+0m8)
  • Maps (4.2.55+0m8)
  • Facebook (1.3.2+0m8)
  • Drive (2.0.8+0m8)
  • AccuWeather (1.0.19+0m8)

User reported changelog:

  • file upload now seems to work using the default browser
  • video decoding got improved
  • UI feels alot smoother now
  • Beep profile has an Icon on status bar and standby screen
  • It seems that wireless networks are found much faster than before. In addition the device sees more networks than with PR1.2
  • Fix for GNOME Bug 662125 – Sharing uses 100% CPU if a client requests a lot of small slices from a media file, most visible symptom is choppy video playback (1)
  • Compatibility fix for XBox360 (GNOME Bug 664184): Previously showed a single song up to 5 times in the “All Songs” list
  • better NFC support with C7
  • Inception 0.1 security hole got fixed (but there is Inception 0.2 already)
  • Swipe resistance fix for RSS reader app
  • “Fenix not responding” message was renamed to “Mail not responding”
  • Certificate-based access in MfE works now
  • Swype keyboard works again properly in terminal (was broken on pr1.2)
  • The browser top sites selection seems to be less laggy coming up
  • Camera improvements (out of centre focusing and improved autofocus in low light)
  • New fonts again
  • Nokia Maps positioning is a lot faster when in indoor
  • Twitter app now support timeline & mentions streaming
  • The weather widget background on the notification screen is now transparent
  • Copy/Paste text is more precise now to select
  • Nokia Music store payment bug fixed
  • Various minor performance and layouting fixes were made for the application icons and folders
  • Bookmarks were opened using the previous default browser after changing the default browser
  • Application icons were sometimes incorrectly shown after unsuccessful application installation
  • Some default application names were truncated in some languages
  • Notification timestamps were incorrect in certain scenarios
  • Profile selection did not work after using headset
  • Lock screen did not update when connected to a TV

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