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Nokia N9 again back to top in no. of daily hits on Time for N9 successor?


Isn’t it heartening to note that, a device which was declared DOA by naysayers is still generating so much interest. Yes, N9 is again back to top by daily interest or daily hits registered by GSMArena site. It has also improved its rating and back in top five by user ratings as well.

This is amazing, considering the fact that it has been already more than six months since its release and in those six months we have seen likes of 808 pureview, Lumia 900, Lumia 800 from Nokia and countless dual-cores and even quad-cores from Android world.

This is a testament to the design language and intuitiveness of the Swipe OS and the mutual compatibility which perhaps can’t be repeated with any other OS. Lumia 800 and 900 have same design but the Windows Phone OS doesn’t look so much attractive with the same body.

The constant support from Nokia with updates like PR1.1 and especially PR1.2 which has brought many new and powerful features to N9 has also contributed to this renewed interest from user community. Now with Video calling, FM Radio, Camera improvements, Folders, Panorama and many more new features and apps N9 really feels like a complete device or in other words has nearly checked all the boxes.

So what next. Nokia are you listening. Bring it to India and other markets at least. Many are still waiting to hold it in their hands.

And this is right time to come up with a N9 successor with PR1.2 or PR1.3 as native software and higher specs like better resolution, bigger or same screen , dual-core, 12 MP camera and 1080 P video recording.

With kind of buzz N9 is generating, if the pricing of new device is kept something like we are seeing for Lumia 900, you have a major hit device on your hand.

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  • @tarek,it is not about os only.Skype and ebuddy xmas are already available for N9.


      with default protocol’s , why do u need ebuddy ? and more over we can add almost anything into N9

  • xyes

    it’s sad that they leave out some countries, luckily M’sia isn’t one of them.
    can’t mail order them in?

  • xyes

    just mail order them into India, shouldn’t be that hard, right?
    it’s sad that they purposely leave out the sales to some countries, luckily M’sia is not one of them, probably due to the higher sales figure on previous N series.

    • I don’t think it it is that easy.Most of the online retailers in Malayasia don’t have global delivery services.
      It was more to do with cheaper Lumia devices to target big potential countries like India.

      • KANISHKA

        i think bettery order from E-bay there are some sellers. Now price has come down to 25k 16gb model

  • insane999

    The fact that N9 is available to limited countries only & still receives these so called “votes” should be a testament how would it perform against galaxy s2 & 4s, if given a “real” support by nokia & not a DOA announcement from its own developers. N9 is the first & last, best innovative creation by nokia.

    • Very true, with little more support and more widespread release it still has the potential to outdo competitors.

  • Alucard

    This is just done by votes, it proves somewhat a STATEMENT that there are gaining “clients” again. But the fact is, no matter what we do Nokia Fans, or not the leading smart phones are still the famous Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple Iphone 4S. The price value can even be a proof that the N9 even with its updates are still behind the leading smart phone. There are still many reviews not only this site.

    • This is not done by votes, but by no. of times N9 has been accessed by someone on GSMArena.Popularity of the device measured in no. of daily hits on the device’s page on GSMArena. In other words how much buzz the device is generating at present time can be gauged.


    @kamalmishra lucky to have N9 been from india

    • Great. I just wish I could lay my hands on one.

  • tarek

    i have the nokia n9 but the only thing that i didn’t liked that it’s os can’t have whatsapp, viber or thango dunno why but it’s a great phone hope we can use those apllications soon on it??

  • I WANT NOKIA N9!!!

    Exactly, Nokia N9 is best Nokia from many years and first and last competitive with iPhone. When it will be in normal sell??