An update for Nokia Music (version 3.1) is now available in the Nokia Collection on Marketplace for the Nokia Lumia 800, 710, 610 and 900. This update consists of bugfixes and has no new features relative to the v3.0 release. One more good news is for Lumia owners of China, India and Indonesia. Yes, you can download it now from Windows Marketplace.

Changes in Nokia Music version 3.0 include;

  • Mix Radio – The end-user will be able to ‘pin to start’ and ‘make available off line’ playlist from their ‘create’ and ‘personalise’ section.
  • New tab ‘recent mixes’ will display tracks and mixes that the end-user has previously listened to.
  • New features in Gigs – Improve updates nearly up to 100 more Gigs that are happening in the area. End-user can now search by artist, venue, location and gig name.
  • The player has a new swipe feature and the end-user will be able to share what they are listening to via SMS, email and messaging.
  • The end-user will be able to purchase tracks and albums from the music store using your credit card in the application as well as redeem music vouchers.

You can download it from here.