This truly comes as a bit of a shocker for all of us. Nokia Mobile veteran of 15 years, HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas has stepped down. In a tweet posted today, Juho Sarvikas has announced his resignation.

Juho was responsible for bringing new Nokia phones and Nokia Android smartphones as the HMD Global CPO. He has been with HMD Global since its inception in 2016.

But he has been associated with Nokia since much longer and he has even worked with Microsoft, when the company owned Nokia brand. He was responsible for successfully introducing the Nokia Lumia smartphones into the US and establishing key strategic partnerships with carriers including Sprint.

HMD Global also appointed him as Vice President for North America in June 2020, as part of the company’s drive to grow North America business. So, Juho was currently playing dual roles of HMD CPO and VP North America.

As the CPO of HMD Global, Juho took some great product decisions like bringing modern avatars of Nokia classics starting with Nokia 3310. While it was always difficult to shake the saturated smartphone market of today, Nokia Mobile started well. But supply chain issues and some product decisions in 2019 and 2020 harmed Nokia market share drastically especially in terms of smartphone market share.

But, as Nokia Mobile prepares to look forward with a new product lineup announcement on April 8, we wish Juho Sarvikas all the best for his future endeavors. Juho will most probably be around during the April 8 launch event.

Here is our short interview with Juho Sarvikas when he visited India in 2017.