Nokia Mobile has silently brought back new versions of Nokia XR20, Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia G50 in Germany and Switzerland. It was recently forced by a Patent Troll organization to remove its older smartphones in these two markets.

The Patent Troll VoiceAgeEVS LLC (VAEVS) sued HMD Global in Germany and other European markets for use of EVS feature in VoLTE supporting smartphones. This resulted in Nokia Mobile removing all other smartphones than Nokia G21 and Nokia G11 from its official site in Germany and Switzerland.

Nokia Mobile, however, made its intention clear about listing its full smartphone portfolio, once again soon in a press statement. It already had tested removing the concerned EVS feature from Nokia smartphones via an update.

So, it seems Nokia Mobile has now brought the smartphones back to Germany and Switzerland after removing the EVS feature. The removal of EVS feature won’t impact the VoLTE support in anyway as it is just a part of the overall VoLTE experience.

You an check the listed smartphones at official Nokia Mobile Germany and Switzerland sites by clicking on the links below.

Nokia Mobile Germany link

Nokia Mobile Switzerland link