MixRadio_NokiaX-NokiaAsha_feturedGreat news for Asha 5XX device owners!! If you still don’t have popular Nokia MixRadio on our Asha phones then that will change soon with software update 1.4 which is supposed to roll out in April. The Nokia MixRadio is only available in selcted countries incluidng India and Russia as of now. This update will bring to 29 more markets worldwide.

From the NokConv article,

“For Asha, such as the 500, 501, 502 and 503, it’s big news. There are lots of devices already out there and, apart from India and Russia, MixRadio hasn’t been in many countries on Asha. Now we’re making it available globally, in 29 more countries, to existing Asha owners, free of charge without registration. Just update the software and press play” says Jyrki, enthusiastically.

The Nokia MixRadio streams music at low bit-rate and the offline mixes feature make it really suitable for emerging markets.

“There are two reasons why it works. One: we’ve already made it work for India, Russia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and many more; we stream tracks at a low bit-rate. Secondly, you have offline mixes that you can take with you anywhere. Whether that’s your Play Me (personal radio station) mixes or curated mixes globally, which by the way, we now have more than 10,000 of. That’s more than anyone else.”