UKMobilereview has done extensive shootout between Nokia Maps and Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps. They have used Lumia 900 and iPhone 5 for this showdown of Maps.

They have split the comparison into five sections – Standard view, Satellite View, Online vs Offline, Navigation and Experience. Each section has compared a different part of the overall location and navigation experience. They have assigned a rating (out of 10) for both Apple Maps and Nokia Maps and the winner is the highest scoring. The total score displayed is out of 50.

We are just reproducing the score they have assigned to different sections of comparison. You can click the source link at bottom to check the shootout in detail.

Standard View:

Apple Maps – 6 ~ Nokia Maps – 9

Satellite View:

Apple Maps – 4 ~ Nokia Maps – 8

Online vs Offline:

Apple Maps – 3 ~ Nokia Maps – 9


Apple Maps – 6 ~ Nokia Maps – 8


Apple Maps – 5 ~ Nokia Maps – 9

Final Score:

Nokia Maps – 43 out of 50

Apple Maps – 24 out of 50

They have to say really nice thing about the overall experience of Nokia Maps on Lumia 900.

 Nokia Maps offers a more complete solution and is backed by Nokia’s long legacy in location (ever since they bought Navteq all those years ago). One of the things we’ve taken into account quite heavily is the experience in using the service. As Apple Maps is reliant on a data connection, it can be quite frustrating, especially when using data intensive features such as Satellite View in a low network coverage. Apple Maps also won’t work in an ‘offline’ situation and extensive use (especially of 3D mode or satellite view) could easily see you end up with expensive data charges.

On the other hand, Nokia Maps is excellent on the Nokia Lumia 900. As we’ve touched on, Nokia don’t own the Windows Phone platform meaning nifty touches such as lock-screen navigation and a fully integrated experience aren’t possible. On the other hand, Nokia have done what they do best – making navigation and mapping a breeze. They’ve quite literally catered for every eventuality and Nokia Maps / Drive will definitely do what you need them to.

We were just wondering, had they used Nokia Maps Suite on 808 PureView for compariosn, what the score could have looked like, because Maps on Lumias is not yet as complete as on Belle devices.