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In an event in San-Diego executives from Nokia, microsoft and Qualcomm came together to talk about Lumia 1020. There, Nokia’s head of smartphones “Jo Harlow” talked about how Lumias have crossed 20% market share in emerging markets like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

imagesCAWQM6C1According to her,

Nokia has seen growth worldwide, including in Western Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

“In Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, we recently broke through 20 percent market share with Lumia, so obviously the Windows Phone platform is becoming really significant,” Harlow said.

In the “twin heartbeats” of the smartphone market — the United States and China — Lumia devices haven’t done as well. “They are highly competitive,” Harlow said. “But we are gaining traction in both those markets.”

It is really great news and is coming from horse’s mouth itself. So, Lumia and Windows Phone are really gaining significance and as opined by us earlier, it indeed is the transition point!!

Thanks Ryan for the Tip. Cheers!!


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