Sometimes best kept secrets are revealed inĀ easiest of the ways. That’s what has happened with Lumia 928. Nokia and Verizon wouldn’t even budge about it but numerous other leaks and now a listing at “etradesupply.com” has bare the screen assembly of Lumia 928 open to all. They confirm that it is in fact a “Super AMOLED” display manufactured by none other than “Samsung“, which Samsung uses for its flagships. They also note that compared to Lumia 920 this screen assembly is much thinner and lighter, providing Nokia a chance to even fit in a larger battery!! Check the Lumia 920 and Lumia 928 comparison picture below. Screen size is same as Lumia 920 at 4.5 inch, while as reported by us earlier, it is about 5 mm taller than Lumia 920’s screen.


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