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Since we did not receive a Lumia 1520 as early as everyone else I had to go into the AT&T store to see what all the fuss was about.  I looked over a few main things the display, the hardware, and the feel in hand.  Lets get started.

When I first walk in the store and saw the phone, I was honestly upset.  The device did not even look real , I thought it was one of the fake phones from a distance, but the closer I got I realized that the display was so bright and clear that it looked like a sticker.  The 1080p display on the 1520 is so sharp and excellent that is it hard to look away.

The unibody design on the phone feels sold and premium, and the addition of a micro SD slot is excellent.  I am going to be completely honest the phone is massive.  In my option too big, but i think Nokia had the right idea in the addition of the third column.  More column and a bigger

screen means more live tiles meaning more information at a glance, which is windows phone’s “goal”.

Overall this phone is awesome and I believe the windows phone OS thrives on a bigger screen, but 6 inch screen is just a little over kill.  I think this phone would be even better with a 5.5 inch screen.  But that snap dragon 800 running windows phone 8 is smooth and very fast.  I will have some pictures I took with the 20MP shooter below.  I am looking forward to our review unit coming in.  And a full review will come after I get my hands on it.

 Sample Pictures:

V__3407 V__77C2

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