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It can be an emphatic Nokia win over HTC in ongoing litigation in German court. The patent in question is about USB configuration and it can impact all of HTC devices and even other Android manufacturers can also be added later.

A preliminary ITC ruling on Nokia’s first complaint against HTC is due on Monday, and on November 8, 2013, the Munich I Regional Court will rule on the USB configuration patent at issue in today’s trial, where Nokia was on the winning track.

HTC could still sell phones in Germany even if Nokia prevailed on this patent, but it would have to remove this functionality, which would make its devices considerably less competitive. I guess HTC will opt to take a royalty-bearing license rather than cripple the products it sells in Germany.

The preliminary decision is going to come on 8th November 2013. Nokia may actually be more forceful with its huge patent base once the deal with MS for device and services is over, sadly.

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Thanks Tom for the Tip. Cheers!!