UntitledPhoneArena has introduced a poll to decide “Who designs the best looking smartphones?”. We pretty much know the answer, ūüėõ¬†right ?¬†And if you say Nokia, you will find lots of others¬†nodding their heads. For a change, you can see the poll results in this case and Nokia is leading¬†the poll with what¬†looks like¬†an unbeatable¬†vote share¬†of nearly 48.64% votes. With Samsung¬†producing¬†ugly-looking phones, Apple making iPhone’s boring design weirder in iPhone 5 and HTC¬†hell-bent on copying Nokia and many others, is it difficult to crown Nokia the one with “best designed phones“.

If you ask me, then like many I would also like to see Sony’s name just behind Nokia in the final voted list. They also come up with at least good original designs :).


PhoneArena Poll page link