KittyTech-6Day of great launches!! After playing with Microsoft’s MS-DOS Mobile OS, we came to understand that Nokia has finally decided to launch its first smart wearable and it goes by the name “HERE Kitty”. The wearable will cost varying from $249 to $18,000 depending upon premiumness of the variant.

HERE Kitty will be available later this month. The leather and steel version will cost approximately $249. A premium model, integrating compressed Iron Pyrites, will also be available at $18,000.

KittyTech-7The only thing to be mentioned is that the HERE Kitty is not meant for you but for your pet feline but still is claimed to make your life easy. It will also add features like “PurrView” and compatibility with MewGo OS in coming days.

In the coming months, we will introduce an imaging feature for the collar called PurrView. We believe this will be especially useful for tom cats who want to accurately record their territory in case of disputes with neighbouring males. This feature will also help concerned owners to discover if their cat is cheating on them using the nineLive-Sight app which streams footage from PurrView onto your phone.

The HERE development team is working hard to ensure it will work on all operating systems, including making it backwards compatible with the MewGo OS.