Nokia has released  two exclusive apps for Lumia devices in the “Nokia Collection” of Windows Marketplace. The apps include the Batman Origins comic and the Kaliki  news reader app (First time ever on a smartphone).

Batman Origins is the direct prequel comic to the new movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. It’s just a straight up digital comic featuring two sides—Batman or Bane—and you can just go through and read it. The gorgeous artwork is provided by DC Comics.

Also as reported by “Wpcentral”, under “Links” for the app there is evidently another app coming called “The Dark Knight Rises: Prologue”. That app is not yet available but should be soon.

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More interesting of these two apps however is the Kaliki app. Kaliki is actually a new service not exclusive to Nokia, but seems they have released the first ever smartphone apps for Nokia. It’s a news app that takes highlighted news stories from various sources and has a professional voice actor narrate it to you, making all news sound much more impressive.  It includes various types of news including headlines, sports, celebrity, science & technology and more too, so you have a wide selection of headlines to choose from.

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