Nokia smartwatch 1We told you that Nokia is working on Android-based wearables related to Health and Wellbeing as part of Nokia’s plans to pursue “Digital Health” as the next Nokia Technologies business practice. Before this we had also reported that Nokia is pursuing variety of smart wearables related to health and wellbeing, via some Nokia job openings.

Now, new job openings show how seriously Nokia is pursuing the creation of an in-house research capability for its “Digital Health” business. Nokia is on a hiring spree for “Health and Wellbeing” practice and is looking for Doctors, Medical experts and researchers.

An opening for Principal Researcher, Medical Physiology looks very interesting,

As the holder of this position you will be actively involved in the planning, leading and carrying out clinical medical research and development projects, especially in the areas of physiology and metabolism, with the aim to develop new medical (technological) applications and solutions for patient and healthcare. In this position you will increase our understanding of the physiologic processes and their dynamical changes taking place in various health and disease related conditions.  You will also participate in in the development of data-analytics and presentation. You will also act as a medical expert and coach to other Labs teams and provide senior professional expertise related to strategic decisions. Your work will also include building of networks with medical researchers and clinicians and other health area experts.

Desired Skills and Experience

In order to succeed in this exciting role, we expect you to have

  • A degree in medicine (MD) and a specialist degree in a clinical medical field in which understanding of human physiology and metabolism plays an important role
  • A PhD
  • Five years of clinical work experience in your medical field(s) of expertise
  • Experience in successfully leading research projects with several partners. Working with industrial partners is considered an asset
  • Practical and/or research-based experience in working with different types of medical technologies
  • Experience in using different types of data-analysis applications is considered an asset
  • Built networks in the medical field that will aid in identifying patient care needs
  • Good communication skills in English, both verbally and in written format

Similar skill-set and qualifications are sought in many other openings like Senior Researcher, Mathematical Physiology.

Nokia being a highly innovative company is widely expected to not come with a me too kind of smart wearable but one with well-defined differentiating features. The above openings hint that Nokia is trying to pack the upcoming Digital Health products with smart health related applications and features.