morph_wrist_modeSecond tip from the same source who has tipped us about “Microsoft-Nokia deal closure announcement around MWC. Nokia may introduce a new ‘Brand’ post deal closure” reveals some details about future hardware from Nokia.

  • Nokia’s Advanced Technology division will become Nokia’s custom research and technology licensing arm and will act like a Qualcomm or like an Arm in future. We have similar views expressed by Nokia CTO in an interview to ZDNet earlier. What the tip claims is interesting though, as it claims there will be no hardware coming from Advanced Technology division in future.
  • The tip further mentions that there is indeed a smart wrist-wearable coming and it will come from HERE division. In fact all the future (customer) hardware from Nokia will fall under HERE division
  • This smart watch will focus on “Location, Location and location” and will come under the new brand which will be announced by Nokia post deal closure announcement.

We have an earlier tip claiming smart watch introduction in Q3 2014. And, since big part of a smart wearable use is related to or enabled by location services, so it is not surprising, if HERE becomes the primary hardware driver of Nokia in future.