Nokia has been one of the pioneers in mating gaming to Phone with unique form factors like N-Gage. But for the very first time Nokia-branded Game Controllers may be launched thanks to its brand licensing partnership with StreamView. 

Many Nokia Game controllers have appeared in a Bluetooth certification as can be seen in the screenshot below. StreamView has so far launched many Nokia TVs and streaming devices in Europe.

Coming to another Nokia brand licensee “Offglobal”, Nokia PureBook Fold & Nokia PureBook Lite laptops appear in Bluetooth certification too. Offglobal has launched Nokia PureBook Pro laptops in Europe, though availability is still a question. Now, it seems Fold and Lite range of Nokia PureBook laptops are coming too in Europe.

Addition of Game controllers to the mix makes the Nokia-branded product range quite diverse with Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Audio accessories, TVs on offer in many markets globally.