If we have to take into account the statistics at “Occasional Gamer” website, Nokia Fluid and Juggernaut Alpha now rumored to be leaked Lumia 920 may be the first devices to come followed by Nokia P4301. As you can see these two devices have tested for most number of times.

So as the rumor suggests that Lumia 910 and 920 will come on Sep 5 during Nokia World. Now putting all the pieces together it seems, Lumia Fluid is nothing else but Lumia 910. Even it is a coincidence that both have rumored since long time back.

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So now we have three code names and three numbers to match.

Nokia Phi

Nokia Dogphone

Nokia P4301


Lumia 908

Lumia 950

Lumia 1001

So what do you think? Can you play a match-making game?