HERE MotionThere is one new trademark filed by HERE, the mapping arm of Nokia. It is called “HERE Motion” and the trademark families it belongs to are the same to which HERE Auto trademark belongs. HERE Auto is an embedded in-car navigation application from Nokia and along with HERE Auto Cloud provides end to end automotive navigation solution,

HERE Auto is an embedded in-car navigation application that builds on the HERE automotive-grade-quality map, which includes fresh turn-by-turn data for 95 countries. HERE Auto connects to the HERE Cloud to access connected services, including weather, parking availability, traffic, fuel price and payment services, and more. HERE Auto is scalable and supports a variety of platforms.

So, this leads us to question of what may be HERE Motion. Two possibilities come to mind. Some app & service related to Leap motion + HERE Maps which we have heard before or may be HERE Maps’ new motion tracking apps & services for accurate healthcare related data.

What do you think. Weigh in below!!