The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio, Nokia 8210 4G and the Nokia 266o Flip were announced mid of last year and has created some buzz among fellow Nokia fans and those looking for feature phones.  Fast forward in 2023, it seems that the device is slowly making its way to more market and has generated more interest.

I have done a rather extensive review of  all these three devices and it seems that these devices have managed to generate favorable responses. In fact, I am still surprised to see the many questions that has been brought regarding this device and hence, a revisit is needed to address them.

To recap

It took me a while to grasp where Nokia was headed with the three devices. The launch of three very differently designed device with a similar core experience might seem as a random choice. But once in hand, there is more to these devices than meets the eyes.

The Nokia 8210 4G, pays homage to the original Nokia 8210 which was introduced in 1999. This device will strike a chord with those who grew up with Nokia devices, particularly those in late 30s to mid-50s. The 8210 4G shares a similar design to the original one, albeit at a much larger dimension and introduces 4G connectivity with VoLTE support. It even has a camera that has a few tricks up its sleeve!

The most unique twist of the bunch has to go to Nokia 5710 XpressAudio. Thicker, bigger and with a slider. It introduces a game-changing audio feature. Under its slider are a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. And the quality is definitely appreciable. This device is for the younger generation who wants a simple phone, with great battery life and to listen to music on the go and never to miss their earbuds!

The most underrated one will be the Nokia 2660 Flip. While it doesn’t flip out like the Samsung Flip series, this device is intended for the elderly group. A large display, well-spaced keypad and optional charging dock, the Nokia 2660 Flip was designed to be used with minimal intrusion and with ease.

And here is my revisited video where I answer the many questions that have been put up by fellow viewers

For those who have missed my original unboxing and in depth review of the device, you can catch all three reviews here:

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