700-nokia-lumia-920t-color-rangeThough only the deal between Nokia and world’s largest operator China Mobile has got much publicity, but great news is Nokia got a deal with China Unicom as well, which is world’s third largest operator. While Lumia 920T is exclusive to China Mobile, Lumia 920 is coming to Unicom. This is excellent for Nokia’s prospects in China.

Now, confirming China’s importance in Nokia’s plans, CEO Elop has said in an interview that China, the world’s largest smartphone market is expected to be the biggest single market for Lumia phones.

Unlike USA, where Nokia has sort of made Lumia 920 sales impact much limited due to AT&T exclusivity, getting both Lumia 920T and Lumia 920 at world’s largest and 3rd largest operators may be really kind of push Nokia needs here.

Thanks dojobi for the heads-up. Cheers!!

Read the China Unicom’s translated press release here,

It is learnt that the China Unicom launched in cooperation with Nokia, Nokia Lumia 920 upcoming Windows phone 8 operating system. The launch of Nokia 920, is the first the Window Phone 8 operating system intelligent mobile, China Unicom and after launch this year Nokia 610 Nokia, creation of and China Unicom exclusive customized Windows operating system Terminal.

As Nokia’s latest flagship Smartphone, Nokia 920 into Nokia’s most advanced second generation pure King PureView camera technology, the latest optical anti-shake feature ensures the best rendering take effect, at the same time strong and weak light camera, Nokia 920 whether indoors or at night, can capture the most clear, bright visual images.

Nokia PureMotion 920 has a 4.5 inch HD+ HD display, supports hyper-sensitive touch technology, even wearing gloves can easily manipulate, mix Nokia unique Hyatt screen display technologies, Sun can clearly read the contents on the screen. Nokia Suite 920 built-in Nokia maps and location services, the new “urban Kaleidoscope Nokia (Nokia City Lens)”, so users in the most intuitive way to understand their surroundings.

Nokia 920 also seamlessly integrate various Microsoft Office Tools, offer the perfect mobile experience for the user, and through hardware and software technologies to protect user data safe and secure. In addition, Nokia is also equipped with a large capacity of 2,000 mAh battery, and built-in wireless charging function for the first time, charging the mobile phone more simple and more convenient.

Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s new smart phone operating system, its unique advantage is provided to the user on the phone three screens in one consistent user experience, as well as Windows 8 developers easily porting applications to the WP8 phone.

China Unicom WCDMA carriers as the only, coming soon Nokia Lumia 920 single Unicom WCDMA Standard Edition phones. While Nokia 920 depth integration of Unicom’s fertile 3G, on the mobile phone users can enjoy our portal (worth reading, mobile music, mobile TV, etc), World shops, Mobile Office, USIM card application, such as business.

China Unicom has been committed to becoming “information life creative services leader” innovative operating model, actively promoting large-scale custom Terminal, integration of resources, aggregate developer participation. 3G since the issuance of the licence, with the advantage of high-speed networks and WCDMA terminals, 3G witnessed rapid development, as of October, 3G users exceeded 70 million mark. Wo 3G 3G market brand, greatly promoted the development of the mobile Internet. In terms of network building, China Unicom has rapidly built the world’s largest, most WCDMA networks, covering 341 municipalities, downlink peak rate of up to 21Mbps HSPA+ networks are deployed. In terms of application, China Unicom launched the world shops, Wal-owned applications such as portals and mobile business Hall, providing a wealth of third-party Internet application, and innovation to build a “WO+-open systems” industry cooperation. In smart terminal of universal area, China Unicom more is play has key role, special to stressed of is, China Unicom integration chip manufacturers, and terminal manufacturers and channels commercial resources, innovation operation mode, lead made thousand Yuan smart machine concept, from 3.5 inch capacitor screen and 600MHZ frequency, to 4 inch 1G MHZ frequency single nuclear, again to features more strong, and screen more large more clear, and price more high of 4.5 inch HD screen double nuclear smart machine, created has domestic Smart machine sales of numerous miracle, Form a industry chain and win-win situation.

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