Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101

RichGo manufacturer is wasting no time in launching Nokia branded device. In fact, at the moment, they have a larger portfolio of Nokia earbuds and accessories compared to HMD Global. In my previous article I have explained how a sceptic like me ended up believing in the capability of RichGo to produce good quality earphones with good pricing.

The Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3101 was announced in mid-April this year and although it is stated as a coming soon product in Nokia website, you can already get your hands on them. While it is not officially sold here, it can be easily bought through 3rd party online retailers who would ship over from Mainland China in less than a week.

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The Device:

The Nokia E3101 comes with a simple packaging. It doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. The E series of the earbuds representing the Essential category are in the affordable category unlike the Pro series which I reviewed earlier. The E3101 itself is an upgrade over the original E3100 series and it sits somewhere in the mid-tier of the affordable category. This device cost about USD30 including shipping fee from Mainland China.

Inside the box we have the earbuds and its case, user manual and a USB C cable to charge.

The design of the case and the choice of its color and finishing, black matte reminds me a lot of the BH 605 which I had been using previously. The charging case has a capacity of 350mAh which is roughly 10% of the capacity of BH 605. The 4 LED indicator is rather smart. It tells you the amount of charge left in the case as well as which side is being charged if you are using only one earbud at a time.

The case itself is light, but the built quality is reassuring.

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The earbuds themselves are light with a glossy plastic finish. No silicone earbuds here as it only sits on the outer ear cavity and does not protrude into the ear canal. While this might not block the ambient sounds effectively, it should rather be more comfortable to wear for prolong period of use. There is a single mic on each of this and it does not support the ambient mode or active noise cancellation. The earbuds are rated to last 5 hours of continuous use with the charging case allowing additional 4 times of charges which should in theory should last for 20 hours of listening time.

RichGo has made it easy to activate the touch enable modes in the device by making the touch panel protruded slightly from the rest of the earbud. This improves touch accuracy and improves the user experience.

Each earbud can pause and resume play, to skip to the next video or go back to earlier video, activate the google assistant and even increasing and decreasing the volume. The touch panel are responsive and its great to see such offering at this price category.

Connecting to your phone is as easy as opening the lid of the charging case and to disconnect simply shut the lid of the charging case. Bluetooth 5.1 means instant pairing with much stable connection.

Do watch the full review and initial impression of the device here,

The Experience:

For a device costing only USD 30, the Nokia E3101 gives you what you need and slightly more. From the instantaneous connection to your phone to its responsive touch panel, the Nokia E3101 is meant to maximize your audio listening experience despite being a budget device.

In comparison to the gold standard, the P3600 earbuds which cost around USD100, the experience on the E3101 isn’t that far behind.

In terms of clarity, audio produced are sharp, clear and does not distort at high volume. The lack of bass is apparent, but it is totally acceptable for the price range. Call quality is excellent, with clear audio on either side of the connection.

The IP44 rating means this device is ideal for workouts as well which is a rarity at this price point.


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The Nokia E3101 is essentially meant for budget conscious consumers who wants more. Despite the affordable price tag, the features and quality of this device is good when the price is factored in. In fact, it does gives more than what its worth. The device is suitable for those who do not want to break their bank to invest in a good pair of earbuds or even to gift younger ones with quality earbuds that does feel and hear good. RichGo is certainly on the right track when it comes to consumer demands and needs in the ultra-competitive Asian market.