I might have mentioned my journey with Nokia devices in my reviews before, at the age of 15, with the Nokia 8250, and currently sporting the Nokia XR21 5G, which gives me the satisfaction of owning a rugged and capable device, suitable for my lifestyle and work. Through out the years, I have collected many devices because each of these devices have its own story to tell. One such device is the Nokia E72.

Nokia E72

Revisiting classic devices brings memories, but repurposing them for use even as a spare device in 2023, gives you satisfaction. But before we dive in further, let’s take a look at what made the Nokia E72 a solid business oriented device, rivaling Blackberry at its peak.

Released in 2009, this sleek E series device boasts a full QWERTY keyboard, measures at 10mm thickness, runs on Symbian S60V3, and packs a 1500mAh battery which easily lasts 3days of use while connected to 3G network.

The 2.36in screen is crisp and boasts 16million colours. Powering this device is an ARM 11 processor, clocked at 680MHz and coupled with 128MB RAM. The 250MB storage is expandable via micro SD card, and you can do decent photography and videography with the 5MP camera on the rear.

When it comes to hands on experience, there is nothing quite like it. The small compact built allows single handed use with ease, the full row QWERTY allows faster typing, and it also comes with free offline navigation which was the best in class at that time. It also has a host of connectivity, with WiFi , Bluetooth, and a micro USB port to connect to your PC.

But its not just the luxurious combination of plastic and metal or the plushy keyboard that sets its a part. The hardware and software experience is also tailored to meet the demands of a business class device. The central optical trackpad for easy navigation, the breathing notification light island , access to document editors and a rich browser with Adobe Flash Lite support , elevates the user experience.

In 2023

What if the Nokia E72 can be used as a faithful secondary companion or for fun over the weekends? What if its possible to bring back your old Symbian device back to life. What if browsing the net or catching up latest updates on Facebook is possible? What if you could still use it as a basic GPS device with tons of offline information? Perhaps watching a video or two from YouTube? And what if you can install 1000 games and enjoy them in your tiny personal device and it takes less than 1MB only????

I will share my experience of bringing my Nokia E72 back to life here, and share with you how you can do the same too!

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