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Nokia E3106 Unboxing and Review: New design, Improved Features.



When it comes to accessories, the parent Nokia company has a diverse strategy by allowing third party manufactures to design and sell Nokia branded products.

One such company is Rich Go, based in China. This company manufactures Nokia branded power banks, chargers and audio accessories. From my experience with the Rich Go made earbuds, they are usually well priced while offering many new features. But they went quiet a few months back with no new products announced and I even thought that they have stopped manufacturing Nokia branded earbuds.

Nokia E3106

The fresh new design indicate that the E3106 is indeed a new device by Rich Go thought not much information is available on it. It brings in a new style and incorporates new features while keeping the price pocket friendly , synonymous with their Essential series.

This time around the E series showcases a swivel design that has a part metal and part plastic construct that comes in either white or black option. The magnetic swivel case looks really cool and premium , a design that makes this new E series bud different than its predecessors. It has a good weight to it which indicates its sturdy build quality.

The new buds features a powerful 13mm driver that provides immersive listening experience. Having tested this out, the sound output is definitely loud and clear but dont expect it to match the rich and robust audio output from its P series which provides greater depth and premium audio quality.

The new E series also features clearer voice calls thanks to the Environmental Noise cancelling feature that enhances the voice while suppressing surrounding noise. The buds lasts 4hours with each charge and with the charging case, you get to enjoy your audio content up to 16 hours. The case charges via USB C and a full charge takes up to 1.5 hours. IP44 rating provides protection against splashing water , and Bluetooth 5.2 allows better quality connection and improved battery life.

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