hudsThis does look like embedded in-car navigation coming out of age. HERE is demoing its latest version of HERE Auto, which supports multiple dashboard displays, including support for passengers smartphone and Tablets. The latest HERE Auto is described as more modular and social and allows passengers to interact with the navigation system on their own devices. Have a look at the great features it brings,

Support for multi-screen Cockpits:

Supports cockpits with multiple displays, each demoing different information.

More social driving experience:

Passenger can see the route, find points-of-interest, or even suggest additions to the route, they can do so using the companion apps for Android and iOS right on their own screen. The driver can accept suggestions and have his/her route automatically recalculated to accommodate the detour

Customizability of HERE Auto:

Manufacturers can customize it to suit their taste. They can even add support of Google Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink. HERE Auto SDK has been provided to manufacturers and they can reconfigure its elements as per their need.

Nokia has really made a very ingenious move by making HERE Auto customizable. What a way to surpass the competition in one step!! This is a well-known fact that car manufacturers want customizable dashboards, which differs a lot from each other. With HERE’s huge presence in automotive industry as a location provider this looks like a “winner move”.