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Nokia CEO: Withings may use HMD sales channels. Core design Team works for all Consumer facing products


Nokia just had its Press and Analyst update event at MWC 2017. While much of discussion was around Nokia’s leading Networks business, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri also answered some questions regarding Nokia Technologies, the consumer arm. So, here are some salient points made by Nokia CEO during Q&A session.

  • Withings Products will be branded as Nokia very soon. Suri also talked about Nokia using some of HMD channels (Which in fact are original Nokia Sales & distribution channels) for marketing and selling Withings Product range. That certainly sounds like close co-ordination.
  • Nokia when it comes to Digital Health products, wants to market its consumer devices as Medical-grade and not another geeky portfolio.
  • One fact that we have been telling you about is Nokia retaining its core design team by moving it to Nokia Technologies, when it sold it D&S arm to Microsoft. Now, it seems this core design team is in fact helping to bring Nokianess in all consumer product categories including Phones, Digital Hwealth Products and even Networking products that are consumer facing.
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