Lumia-apps_featMicrosoft Mobile has just announced over Conversations blog that Nokia Camera will be renamed as Lumia Camera starting today, and before you get too excited, it doesn’t bring anything new. It is bit disappointing for those waiting it to land on their devices with cool new imaging features.

As per the article, the Lumia Denim update will bring the desired Lumia camera update with features like Moment capture, Rich capture and more later this year. Read all about Lumia Denim here and read all about Lumia Camera update here.

Lumia Cinemagraph will get some changes though adding better sharing features.

Lumia Cinemagraph, however, will see some changes, with the sharing function being simplified to make it quicker and easier to share your memories with the new Lumia Cinemagraph Beta release.

Instead of hosting and sharing your animated creations from, you’ll be able to share cinemagraphs directly your favourite social networks like Facebook, as well as storing them on OneDrive.

Existing Cinemagraphs stored on your phone will remain intact in the Saved view of Lumia Cinemagraph, but when we switch to the new sharing features, any cinemagraphs stored on will be deleted. So we recommend everyone to download copies of their cinemagraphs now so they can be shared again.

The changes to Cinemagraph are expected to land in January 2015, so there’s plenty of time to save your creations and get ready for an easier way to share.