We have used Nokia C20 Plus 2GB RAM + 32GB internal storage Indian variant as our daily driver for over a month and this is our detailed review of the smartphone. It may help you in deciding whether you should really go for Nokia C20 Plus as your next if you really wanted to own one and are still undecided.

Nokia C20 Plus is the top offering in India in the C-Series of Nokia smartphones which caters to entry-level/budget end of smartphone market. It has been also launched in other markets than India targeting the same customer segment.

Nokia C20 Plus Design:

Design, build quality and a surprisingly premium feel on budget is the biggest USP of Nokia C20 Plus. It has Nano-textured back design with matt finish that gives it a more robust feel in hand. Due to the back design and Nano-textured finish, the Nokia C20 Plus feels robust and steady in your hand.

Nokia C20 Plus comes with a center V-notch display. Though it is a big smartphone (6.5-inch), because of its 20:9 display ratio, it still fits just fine in your hand. Display looks good with deep black color levels and good contrast. Overall design wise Nokia C20 Plus may give costlier smartphones a run for their money.

Nokia C20 Plus Display & Audio output Quality review:

Nokia C20 Plus comes with a 6.5-inch HD+ display. Here are our observations after playing with Nokia C20 Plus as a daily driver.

  • The display is bright and ideal brightness level is around 40-45% in most of the cases.
  • Adaptive brightness learns your choices quickly.
  • Outdoor readability is also quite good on Nokia C20 Plus.
  • Viewing angles are excellent.
  • Blacks are deep and color reproduction good

You can control white Balance on Nokia C20 Plus to add or reduce saturation. The display is good for media consumption and gaming with the real-estate it offers considering that it targets the budget end of smartphones.

The Nokia C20 Plus audio output quality is satisfactory. It is surprisingly loud and doesn’t break even at the loudest the speaker has to offer. It offers a good video watching and gaming experience.

Nokia C20 Plus camera review:

Nokia C20 Plus rear camera performance is on expected lines for a low-end Nokia smartphone. However, the 8MP sensor provides good amount of resolved details keeping colors natural in most of the cases. You can check more full-size samples by clicking here.

Nokia C20 Plus daylight sample:

Nokia C20 Plus daylight image sample

Nokia C20 Plus HDR shot:

Nokia C20 Plus HDR image sample

Nokia C20 Plus Bokeh sample:

Nokia C20 Plus Bokeh samples

Nokia C20 Plus color capturing sample:

Nokia C20 Plus low-light without flash:

Nokia C20 Plus low-light without flash

We have also provided daylight and low-light video recording samples captured by Nokia C20 Plus below.

Nokia C20 Plus daylight video recording sample:

Nokia C20 Plus low-light video recording sample:

Nokia C20 Plus Performance review :

Nokia C20 Plus is powered by the SC9863a Octa-core processor and runs Android 11 Go Edition. The combination of the processor and Android 11 keeps Nokia C20 Plus smooth for most of its course.

Nokia C20 Plus is good at handling basic smartphones tasks. Be it browsing, normal navigations, handling apps it remains at ease. Even basic gaming with less-demanding games remains good, though one can’t expect Nokia C20 Plus to run heavy games with same ease.

The 2GB RAM memory with the lightweight Android 11 Go edition is good for those who need a good smartphone for their daily needs. For gamers and advanced smartphones users, it may be better to go for a higher-end smartphone.

Nokia C20 Plus Battery Life & Call quality:

Nokia C20 Plus has shown good battery life during our review. In real-life conditions, I have been getting around 28-32 hrs of battery life with heavy “blogger” usage of the device. This involves lots of browsing, streaming, gaming, apps testing, attending calls and daily chores.

It may be around 32-36 hrs for a moderately heavy usage scenario and that is really very very impressive. Screen-on time typically varies between 5 hrs – 6.5 hrs for different usage scenarios.

Nokia C20 Plus offers stellar call quality because of its Antenna design. Call reception is usually very good. I didn’t face any issue like call drops etc and it holds well even during long conversations.

Nokia C20 Plus Face Unlock, Display settings:

Nokia C20 Plus comes with dedicated Face unlock and also ability to alter display color saturation. Face unlock works fine out of the box and unlock is really quick. It has three settings to control when to use Face unlock.

The White balance feature allows one to make the display look more saturated or with punchy colors. Though if one is satisfied with default settings it can be reset at any moment.

Nokia C20 Plus Positives & Negatives:


  • While Nokia C20 Plus doesn’t disappoint in day to day tasks, it deserved a better processor


  • Premium looking unibody design with nano-textured matt back
  • Good Battery life

Nokia C20 Plus Conclusion:

We subjected Nokia C20 Plus to our trademark rigorous and detailed evaluation. After using it as our daily driver for over a month, we recommend it as a reliable low-end smartphone that retains that well-known Nokia design and quality build.

Even the display is good and offers good sunlight readability, good viewing angles and media consuming experience. Nokia C20 Plus comes running Android 11 Go Edition out of the box and has guaranteed two years of  of security updates support.

It also comes with 1-year replacement guarantee in markets like India. Nokia C20 Plus officially starts at Rs 8999 for the 2GB RAM/32GB storage variant in India.