Great news for Nokia S40 device users of both Asha and non Asha range. The Nokia browser for the devices have been upgraded to version 2.o and brings many cool features and even introduces multitasking between messaging and web browser.

New Features list:

  • Download Manager:  The new ‘Download Manager’ feature lets you monitor your browsing by session or as an overall total figure, while you can also alter the quality of downloaded images to make web browsing quicker and cheaper. Using the new Download Manager you can also save music, video or pictures on a memory card, while you’re surfing the Internet.
  • Better UI and Multitasking: The Browser now has a new, more intuitive, user interface with one-click access to top local sites from the start page. A new feature enables multitasking while browsing, meaning that you can easily switch between text messages and the web.
  • Share with Social networks: Nokia Browser 2.0 makes it even easier to share content across social media: You can post any page URL via Facebook or Twitter from within the browser, including a comment directly from the options menu. If you’re in China, you’ll be able to do the same for Sina Weibo and RenRen.
  • Web Apps: The Browser makes it simple to find, install and use Web Apps, which provide you with a more desktop-like internet experience. Launched in mid-2011, the Nokia Browser is the first browser of its kind to support Web Apps, and now boasts a catalogue of more than 10,000 apps. Nokia S40 users have downloaded more than 35 million Web Apps in total, with the most-downloaded app – ‘Free Wi-Fi Locator’ – having been downloaded more than 2 million times alone.

Compatibility and download link:

The update supports all forms of Series 40: Touch, QWERTY and Non-Touch, including the Nokia Asha range, as well as popular devices such as the Nokia C3-00, Nokia C2-03 and Nokia X3-02.

The update will be pre-loaded on some current and all future Nokia Series 40 devices, while for existing users the update arrives as a free, optional over-the-air download. New users can download it from the Nokia Store.

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