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Nokia Asha phone owners are due for a “Games” treat this Christmas. Gameloft and Nokia are giving away a free game for Nokia Asha smartphones every week for the next four weeks. The giveaway starts big with “Modern Combat 4” for this week. Read the game description below,

In the wake of a nuclear disaster, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of a few elite soldiers who must rescue the world’s leaders from the most dangerous terrorist group.

We tried this games on our Asha 501 and it runs smoothly and graphics are pretty good for that 320X240 resolution display. Though Modern Combat 4 takes a bit of time in loading up on your Asha but you will forgive Gameloft, once you start playing it. It is really addictive!! May be that’s a note for developer. Install the game by firing Nokia store app on your Asha or use direct link below. Do come back on 16th Dec for info about next giveaway game title.

Download link

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