Nokia-230-Dark-Silver-DSIM-Selfie-screenHere is some important information for Nokia Asha 50x & 230 Series phones users. You need to re-login to use Integrated Facebook on your devices. Here are all the details and how to actually do the re-login.

Due to a Facebook API change that will happen at the end of December 2015, customers with Nokia Asha 50x and 230 Series phones, which have integrated Facebook experience in the user interface,  are  required to relogin to their Facebook account in order to continue using the Facebook integration. The change will impact Phonebook, Fastlane, Gallery and Accounts apps and without a relogin, the Facebook integration in these apps will no longer work. In order to relogin and continue using the integrated Facebook experience on your Asha phone, do the following:

  1. Go to Menu > Accounts.
  2. To remove your existing Facebook account from the Accounts app, long press on top of your Facebook account and tap delete. Note: this does not delete your actual Facebook account, it only removes the account details from your phone locally.
  3. To relogin to your Facebook account, tap + and select Facebook from the list. Enter your Facebook credentials and tap Sign in.
  4. Select whether you want to sync your Facebook contacts to the phone, and tap done. Note: after the Facebook API change, only those Facebook contacts who are also using Asha 50x or 230 Series phones can be synced.
  5. After syncing the data from Facebook is complete, you can continue to use the integrated Facebook services on your phone as before, with the exception of changes to Facebook contacts syncing.

Please note that the Facebook API change does not impact the usage of the Facebook app itself – it will continue to work as before.