This is freaking awesome!! A confidential Nokia video named “Nokia Air” leaked on Vimeo. What it shows is a full eco-system having ultra cool devices, stylish looking tablets and a cloud service named as “Nokia Air”. And it is much clear that these devices look much like Symbian/Meego hybrid devices with icons, widgets, notification bar and swipe enabled OS.

Check more photos below,

Very impressive!! But isn’t Nokia totally dedicated to “Windows Phone” OS and eco-system now. So, does this video reveal some “pre windows phone” eco-system strategy of Nokia. Remember, Nokia was supposed to make a Tablet and many new devices with “Meltemi”  a new version of Meego-Harmattan/Swipe OS of N9Alas!! Meltemi has been supposedly scraped in last spring cleaning by Nokia.

Would be more than happy, if proved wrong and the OS demoed in the video is new version of Symbian Donna/Belle FP2 or later with Nokia’s new cloud service “Air”. .

Check the video and let us know what you think about it in comments. Thanks “Vrinda” for the tip!!