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Nokia 9 PureView’s Penta-Lens Camera may have Light’s technology


We recently saw a leaked Nokia 9 PureView promo video that reveals some interesting bits about its Penta-Lens camera. The promo highlights camera features like “10X more light capture”, “5 simultaneous shots”, Stunning HDR photography, Refocus and more.

This actually matches a lot with how “Light”, a company that specializes in “computational photography” with camera modules that vary from 2 to 16, describes its solution for smartphones.

Our camera array collects more light in a single-shot than any other camera in the market. One of our smaller 5 module arrays can collect 10x more light than a traditional smartphone sensor, and these numbers can increase even more depending on the number and type of sensors. The result is more details and improved noise when shooting in the dark.

The software pipeline works on multiple platforms and devices, and can combine and fuse 5, 10, or even 50 images. The pipeline is built to combine images from different perspectives, as well as different sensors, apertures, and focal lengths. We leverage pixel matching, geometric and photometric corrections, and ISP algorithms in order to achieve our results.

So, software to fuse 5 simultaneous images, and that “10X more light capture” give it away. But the technology described in detail by Light on their page may also be able to offer much more in terms of imaging quality; including better dynamic range, much better resolved details, Lossless Zoom, 3D depth mapping (Refocus).

Light has described how their L16 Camera captures 10 images simultaneously to fuse to get that final image.

When the L16 takes a picture, 10 or more cameras fire simultaneously, capturing slightly different perspectives of the same scene. The L16 intelligently chooses a combination of its 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm modules to use in each shot, depending on the level of zoom. These individual shots are then computationally fused together to create an incredibly high-resolution 52MP photograph.

So, in case you are wondering what might be the resolution of captured images on Nokia 9 PureView, HMD may be happy to offer 12MP/16MP resolution images.  Even in case of the Light’s L16 camera while the image created is of 52MP resolution after fusing 10 simultaneous shots, the processed image comes around 13MP for social sharing.

Our camera arrays capture everything from multiple cameras, and we have more details and information about each pixel than ever before on a smartphone. One solution with only 28mm cameras allows you to shoot at 56mm and still have 12MP, 16MP or even 20MP details across your image.

So, while with Penta-Lens Camera, Nokia 9 PureView may claim a higher overall resolution of around 20-26MP with 5 images fused together, the final processed image may be around 12MP or less probable 16 MP in size.

One more advantage that Light claims about their solution is that there is no need for any bump for accommodating the camera module and Nokia 9 PureView looks very thin in the promo images.

Create thinner smartphones with better camera performance with our camera array and Lux Capacitor. Our solutions are optimized to be the most power and space efficient for the performance and features. We have various camera array options ranging from a 28mm solution that can capture at 56mm with no bump or 9 camera solutions that provide incredible low-light performance, optical zoom, and 2x pixel quality. Create a market-leading camera solution, all in less time than your competitors.

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Nokia 9 details:

The leaked promo video for Nokia 9 PureView highlights the Penta-Lens camera features like five simultaneous shots, 10 times more light capture, incredible amount of details, Refocus in Google Photos and more. It also confirms 5.99-inch, 2K resolution display with HDR10 support, in-display fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 845 and 6GB RAM/128GB ROM.

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