The lesser-known variant with Pureview branding, the Nokia 8V 5G UW has generated interest among many Nokia enthusiast. The device which was initially exclusive to Verizon has crossed over to this part of the continent recently.

Judging by the availability and its pricing, it probably did not do as well as it was intended for, something that it shares with its big brother, the Nokia 8.3 5G. It seems that HMD Global had a streak of unfortunate events that prevented their “flagship’’ device getting the right attention it deserves. If you were looking out to catch the Nokia 8.3 5G product placement in No Time To Die, you will be equally disappointed as the presence of Nokia devices was barely noticeable there. Having said that, the Nokia 8.3 5G is probably the best all rounder device produced under HMD Global and its variant the Nokia 8V 5G UW is no less.

The Nokia 8V UW 5G next to the Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia 8V UW 5G

Unlike the polarizing polar night back of the Nokia 8.3 5G, the Nokia 8V UW 5G(hereafter labelled as Nokia 8V) comes with a meteor gray finish . It comes in a single configuration of 6GB RAM and 64GB storage which is expandable, thankfully. Aside from the difference in the color and the configuration above, the Nokia 8V’s primary camera comes with a larger aperture at f/1.8 as opposed to f/1.9 on the Nokia 8.3 5G. It is Verizon exclusive and supports ultrawide (UW) band. Rest of the device is identical to Nokia 8.3 5G.

The Nokia 8V 5G UW is not sim-locked though it runs on custom firmware. The 4G LTE works well but unfortunately, no 5G here to test if it works as well.

Unlike Nokia 8.3 5G, the Nokia 8V doesn’t run on stock Android. It runs on custom firmware exclusive to Verizon and comes with preinstalled apps. This means that the device is not going to get the same update timeline as the one on Nokia 8.3 5G which is running Android 11 currently. The Nokia 8V is still running Android 10 and it should be getting the Android 11 upgrade in due time.

If you are in for the latest and greatest, then the Nokia 8V is not going to interest you any further. But, a solid 5G device with a Pureview branded camera, premium built quality with excellent battery life , for a third of the price of Nokia XR20 will definitely interest many. That’s right, the Nokia 8V cost only a third which is considered a steal as the device has much to offer compared to the recent HMD’s releases. Right from the density of the display, quality of the display, processing prowess, battery life and the camera technology, the Nokia 8V exceeds what the Nokia XR20 or its siblings has to offer.

Nokia 8V 5G UW has much potent processing powers compared to Nokia X20 5G

The only catch to this otherwise out of the world deal is that there is no telling when the Nokia 8V will be getting the updates.  But seeing how HMD back tracks on certain commitment, it is best to reserve such judgement retrospectively, once the said update arrives to the current crop of Android devices. SD480 itself may limit the experience of future Android which makes it redundant to hold on to it longer as judging by the track record, expect no new software or feature addition by HMD Global, the clear example being Warp speed is available on the XR20 but not on the X20 5G.

Camera Samples

But credit where its due, the Nokia 8 series are among the finest made by HMD Global, right from the venerable Nokia 8 up to the current Nokia 8.3/ 8V. It is certainly sad to see the departure of the iconic design, reminiscent of the good old Lumia days in favor of a more generic approach with the latest G series.

The Nokia 8V would be an ideal camera device as the primary shooter and the ultrawide shooter are among the best for its class and the video recording stability, which is the highlight of the device, is the best among any Nokia branded device out there.

So, does the Nokia 8V entices you?

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