There are many notable Nokia devices from HMD Global that performs well in the camera segment. In my last review and camera comparison , I highlighted the different approaches used in each device which gives the current Nokia devices some what of an inconsistent camera experience. This is in contrast to the days of Lumia where the camera experience was more linear. Having said that, in a nut shell, its hard to pick an absolute camera winner from the current lineup. In my opinion, the ultimate camera from HMD Global should consist of the following recipe. HDR, details, noise reduction and depth maps from Nokia 9 Pureview, color profile from Nokia 8.1, and lastly,video stability and ultrawide of Nokia 8.3 5G.

Having said that, the closest all rounder that we have at the moment is the Nokia 8.3 5G and with its final Android 12 update, it is safe to say that this is the final algorithm for the device. While the experience in general is quite good, some of the users including me have reported instability in the camera app while others seem to have a better experience. I am hoping that they will address this instability with an improved Android 12 build.

The Comparisons

I have been waiting for the Android 12 update for Nokia 8.3 5G before comparing them to the Vivo X70Pro+ which is definitely among the best camera in the market at the moment .I have also included the Nokia 9 Pureview for those wondering how it performs under the same situation. As usual, the winner is which ever you feel is worthy. On a side note, the OZO audio recording seems to be affected by the latest Android 12 update where the audio recorded is muffled, so do take note on the audio discrepancies in the video link below.

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Scene 5

For more photo and video samples , click on the video below:


It is amazing to see what HMD Global has achieved with their more modern Pureview from a upper midrange device. I am confident that the next Pureview device from their flagship will bring imaging to a higher lever and probably with a unique twist!

For those wondering the night samples from both device, as I have highlighted in my previous review, the low light algorithm is improved in the Android 12 update for Nokia 8.3 5G producing sharper images. More on that in the video below:

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