The latest Android 10 build update that weighs only 4.84 MB in size may have enabled an important feature on Nokia 8.1. As per reports from our readers they now see Carrier aggregation working on their Nokia 8.1 after installing the September update for Nokia 8.1.

Check the screenshot below share by one of our readers Akshay that shows carrier-aggregation in action. For Carrier aggregation to work, the smartphone should have 4G advanced support, which seems to be enabled by the September update for Nokia 8.1.

The news have been confirmed by Nokia Mobile India account too.

Carrier aggregation allows the capacities of TD LTE spectrum band and FD LTE spectrum band of same network to get combined to enable better spectrum utilization and efficiency. It may result in significantly higher data speeds and better coverage.

Their is no setting to enable this by users and it works automatically if the network provider and smartphones supports the same.