Nokia 7.1 is up for Pre-order in the United Kingdom. The new Nokia 7.1 was launched yesterday at an event in London. This completes the cycle; now the smartphone is available for pre-order in all the markets where it was said it would be. But for users in the United Kingdom, there something more.

If you are a UK resident and planning to buy the new device, Carphonewarhouse has a great offer for you. If you pre-order the new Nokia 7.1 now, with the smartphone you get a free UE Wonderboom speaker worth £89.99. The catch is here is that you have to pre-order the device by the end of 16th of October. Please note, if you pre-order the smartphone right on time you need to claim your prize on this website. It will be open for requests from 17th November 2018. So, basically, there is no UE Wonderboom speaker coming with your Nokia 7.1 handset. You will get it may be a few months after you get your Nokia 7.1.

You can check out our Nokia 7.1 coverage page for more information related to the specifications of the device.