Update: It doesn’t seem to be the case with our exclusive leak of Nokia 8.1 confirming that Nokia 8.1 is the Nokia Phoenix and global variant of Nokia X7.

So, this question has been on our minds for long whether Nokia 7.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1 are same and the global version of Nokia X7 or two different devices. While logically Nokia 8.1 should be different as the existing naming scheme of Nokia smartphones suggest, a recent listing of official cases suggested otherwise.

But when we checked the EAN of these official cases they are listed just as “Nokia Phoenix”. EAN is European article number allotted to a certain article for its identification before it goes on sale.

Now, coming to some recent cover listings on Amazon sent to us by one of our tipsters, it seems Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.1 Plus and are two different smartphones. Nokia 8.1 is claimed to have a 5.6-inch display and may sport a Nokia 7.1 like design.

Nokia 8.1 link

Nokia 7.1 Plus however is similar to Nokia X7 in design is claimed to have a 6.18-inch display. In fact the description clearly requests buyers to check their device, as it is only meant for Nokia 7.1 Plus.

Nokia 7.1 plus link


While these kind of cover listings have been wrong many times in past, at times they have proved to be accurate too. So, we will urge you to take this with a pinch of salt.

Thanks Vini for the tip. Cheers!!