While HMD had released a big Android Pie update road map with Android Pie release timelines for the Nokia smartphones yet on Oreo, it has lately faced difficulty in following that road-map. Nokia 3.1 Plus hasn’t received Pie yet and Nokia 6, that was supposed to get it after Nokia 3.1 Plus didn’t get it either.

Now, HMD CPO Juho has again confirmed on Twitter that Nokia 6 may get Pie next week if everything goes all right.

He even teased that many Pie release(s) may happen before MWC 2019, but also cautioned that if update quality is not up to the mark they may not even release it.

He also confirmed that Nokia 8 owners in India may get Android Pie before MWC 2019.

Talking about updates, it is always better to wait rather than get half-baked updates that cripple your experience because that becomes a deal-breaker.