Many Nokia fans are waiting for Nokia 6 2018 to be launched globally. Now it seems Nokia 6 2018 may arrive as Nokia 6.1 and also that the Nokia TA-1016 & TA-1045 duo are Nokia 6.1. Both TA-1016 and TA-1045 have passed FCC certification some days ago, if you remember.

Canadian certification agency has entry for TA-1016 as Nokia 6.1. This kind of confirms that HMD may be planning to launch Nokia 6 2018 as Nokia 6.1.

Now, another entry of Nokia 6.1 was caught at Geekbench and it revealed something that may not make you too happy. It seems just like Nokia 6 2017, Nokia 6 2018 or now Nokia 6.1 will also arrive with 3GB RAM. Though even with 3GB RAM Nokia 6 gives no opportunity to crib and performs very well.

Nokia 6 2018 Details:

Nokia 6 2018 is powered by Snapdragon 630 processor and comes with many design changes and powerful camera features like OZO Audio and Bothie. You can read the detailed specs, images and more of Nokia 6 2018 at our dedicated page.

32GB ROM variant is priced at Yuan 1499 while the 64GB variant was priced at Yuan 1699. As we told you via our sources the pricing remains similar to the original Nokia 6 2017 version.