In September 2006, Nokia launched the first XpressMusic device which were phones designed for music playback to counter the ever-famous Walkman branded devices from Sony Ericsson. Truth be told, the competition during this era was between Nokia and Sony Ericsson with both emphasizing on their unique selling points apart from the funky designs. Who could forget the robust W750 , or the ultra slim W880i? This were the times where keypad phones were reaching their peaks and it was really a glorious period to experience. While the N series of the Nokia triumphs almost all other smartphones including the C and K series from Sony Ericsson, Nokia had a tough time competing against the Walkman series because of its strong brand association.

Nevertheless, Nokia kept developing the X series devices which eventually converged to the Nokia 5800 with a resistive touch screen and later on the final music oriented X series, the X7-00.  16 years later, the X series is back. And its not only back for the sake of rebooting the classics, but its back with a twist to redefine what a music phone should be.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

While the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio isn’t the first device in the world to sport in a built in Bluetooth earbuds( Xiaomi has one patented much earlier, and Servo R25 in 2019), it is the first from one of the old players in the mobile world.

Just announced a few weeks back, the latest music oriented device from HMD Global comes in two tone finish. One in black and red and the other white and red. Both looks absolutely refreshing, but the black and red has an extra depth of cool factor that should be the fan favorite. With that said, my unit is white and red and it looks refreshing and alive and huge!

The device is more or less the same with the earlier Nokia 8210 4G that I reviewed. It isn’t running a smartphone OS. It does not have WiFi. Units outside China does not have a music streaming app though I wish HMD Global could somehow get one on board to revamp the music edition series.

But the phone is meant to be a solid feature phone. Weighing at 130g, the 2.4 in display has better pixel density than the ones on 8210 4G with its larger display. The 1GHz Unisoc T107 processor with 48MB Ram is certainly an odd combination for a feature phone but as seen on the 8210 4G, it comes in handy for the many software tricks it has in the imaging department.

Speaking of imaging, the 5710 XpressAudio has a 0.3MP camera with LED flash.It sports dual speaker and a 1450 mAh battery with VoLTE support.

Head over to my video for all you need to know for the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and what makes it different than the Nokia 8210 4G apart from the built in earbud!

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