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Nokia 5 Camera Review (Rear + Front). Video & Full-Size image samples


Nokia 5 comes with a 13MP camera on the back and an 8MP shooter at the front. If you want to check, here are the quick camera specs/features for both Nokia 5 Cameras.

  • Primary camera: 13MP PDAF, 1.12um, f/2, dual tone flash
  • Front-facing camera: 8MP AF, 1.12um, f/2, FOV 84 degrees

Both cameras come with autofocus and have a F/2 aperture. The F/2 aperture should be able to provide good low-light performance theoretically. Nokia 5 also has a Dual-Tone flash that should provide adequate illumination and keep low-light captures natural.

In this article, we share our detailed review of Nokia 5 cameras and also share Full-size images and video capture samples.

Nokia 5 Rear camera review and samples:

Nokia 5 Rear camera keeps colors natural without any additional saturation. Images come with good amount of resolved details. HMD imaging team has again done good work in not using artificial sharpness a lot and that keeps captured images close to natural.

Check one image sample followed by 100% crop of it below.

Image Sample:

100% Crop:


Here are some samples to highlight how Nokia 5 camera captures rich-colored subjects.


Next what also impressed us is the ability of Nokia 5 rear camera to capture “Bokeh” images or images with background blur.


Nokia 5 rear camera also captures some good-looking Panorama images. Check one sample below.


HDR works fine when you need to capture a scene that requires good dynamic range.

We are so far happy with the Nokia 5 camera performance, but let us quickly check the low-light samples. As you can see in the low-light samples the F/2.0 aperture camera captures a good amount of light even without flash.

But the Dual-Tone Flash does make a difference as these two samples show.

Without flash:

With Flash:

The Dual-tone flash keeps low-light capture natural without making it extra bright. You can see many more full-size Nokia 5 rear camera samples including above ones by clicking here.

Coming to video capture, you can capture good quality 1080p video with Nokia 5 rear camera. While there is no OIS (which is usually the case on mid-ranger devices) the camera algorithm smoothens lots of movements indicating some software stabilization in the background. Color accuracy and captured details remain good.

You can check video samples below.

Nokia 5 Front camera review & samples:

Nokia 5 front camera is also impressive when it comes to taking selfies. You don’t have a front flash but otherwise, this F/2 aperture camera captures good images with details and good color accuracy. The wide-angle capture is also a feature that would be loved by selfie-lovers.

You can see full-size Nokia 6 front camera samples by clicking here.

Final Words:

Nokia 5 comes with capable rear and front cameras for the smartphone range it belongs to. Rear camera captures natural colors with good details and without much artificial sharpening. HDR helps in situations when you have a need for high dynamic range. It surprisingly captures great looking “Bokeh” and “Panorama” images just like its elder sibling Nokia 6. The Dual-Tone flash is impressive with its ability to provide adequate illuminance and keeping image natural.

Video capture is equally impressive keeping again that natural feel intact with good details. Even without OIS videos come out relatively stable.

Front camera impresses with good-looking wide-angled selfies that you will love to flaunt. The 8MP shooter looks to be the same unit that does its work on Nokia 6 too.

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