The Nokia 5.3 is an interesting device. It is a strong midrange device with good offerings at an affordable price. Launched in April 2020, this device initially came with Android 10. And for the longest time, there were no clear indication that it would be getting the Android 12 update, till today.

I believe this is the last Nokia phone to be updated to Android 12 and many are eagerly waiting for the update to arrive for the Nokia T20 tablet.

Nokia 5.3

The Nokia 5.3 seems to have a better hardware compared to Nokia 5.4 , though the latter offers better software experience. And in my initial review of the Nokia 5.3, I was generally happy with the output. If there is one aspect of the Nokia 5.3 that I would have wanted to be improved was the dull looking display that does not do justice to the image captured on the Nokia 5.3. But, the overall performance, built quality and battery life is really good considering this as a lower midrange device.

So, the Android 12 update is now here and hopefully it elevates the user experience. Do take note that my device is from Taiwan and I am based in Malaysia and if at all if anyone wants to try the VPN trick, do read thoroughly on the steps, do check your model number(mine is TA-1234) and set the location to any of the country where the update is available. But, I will recommend you to wait for the update to reach your region as planned.

For those of you who are curious, this is the video of the live update process of the Nokia 5.3 and if at all if you are wondering if there is any software update for the camera, the answer is right here.

As usual, I hope you all have a pleasant day ahead, and do stay connected.

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