Nokia 5.1 Plus is the latest mid-range smartphone addition in the 2018 Nokia smartphones portfolio. It is powered by Mediatek Helio P60 processor, and packs 3GB RAM. The combination of pure Android Oreo 8.1 and a capable processor makes Nokia 5.1 Plus a snappy and capable device.

On the display side Nokia 5.1 Plus comes with a 19:9 ratio 5.86-inch display with 720×1520 resolution. It comes with a single speaker with AMP+ feature for audio output amplification.

Now time to evaluate performance, display & audio output quality of Nokia 5.1 Plus in real-life conditions.

Performance review:

We have conducted this test in heavy to very heavy usage scenario. So, there are three of the heaviest Android games open in the background. Then we have the browser with 11 tabs, camera and other apps open in the background. So, how does Nokia 5.1 Plus actually perform in this very heavy usage scenario. You can decide for yourself by checking the video, but here are our observations.


Even with 11 browser tabs open it always seems that Nokia 5.1 Plus can take even more load. Pages load quickly. Scrolling, zooming, panning, tab changing all are very snappy.


Gaming is much enjoyable on Nokia 5.1 Plus. We have tried to demo the game-play with heavy and critically acclaimed games like like GTA San Andreas, Mortal Kombat X, and PUBG Mobile. The device certainly holds the promise of hours of enjoyable game play without a pause. You would love the volume output and the performance of the phone remains blazing fast.


With 3 super-heavy games (GTA San Andreas, Mortal Kombat X, and PUBG Mobile), 11 browser tabs, Camera, and many other apps open in the background Nokia 5.1 Plus remains totally responsive and lag-free.

All super-heavy games usually resume fine from background while running simultaneously. As you will notice in the video, apps/games resume fast from background during multitasking and there are no crashes/lags/freezes even with so much load.

Display Review:

Nokia 5.1 Plus display works well both indoors and outdoors. Because of it being “laminated and polarized”, the sunlight legibility is top notch. For testing the display we have also streamed video and zoomed in to see the quality of the display. You can watch the video for more but here are our observations.

  • Nokia 5.1 Plus display is impressive for a low-cost mid-ranger. The 19:9 display ratio will appeal to many. Even after being a LCD display it has deep blacks and colors pop out. The color profile is quite similar to displays on other costlier Nokia smartphones.
  • It has good amount of maximum brightness and ideal brightness level is around 50-60% in most of the cases. Adaptive brightness is calibrated properly and does its work in most of cases well.
  • Sunlight legibility is good. The color interpretation and contrast are great. Viewing angles are wide.
  • Video streaming looks great because of that minimum bezel design, 19:9 display ratio and big screen size.

Audio output quality review:

Nokia 5.1 Plus audio output is quite loud and clear. Audio quality is rich and even at full volume there are no distortions. Streaming videos or playing high-quality games constitute very good experience on Nokia 5.1 Plus. Though it doesn’t come with a stereo speaker, the Single speaker with smart amplification AMP+ works very well.